SFRS is an innovative research and consulting firm working at the intersection of faith and public life. Founded by Amar D. Peterman in 2022, Scholarship for Religion and Society equips leaders and organizations to engage complex and nuanced issues of religious and social life today through beautiful and compelling theology that emphasizes the nuanced lived reality of Christians and is modeled after the concrete person of Jesus Christ.
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We provide expert research and writing on a diverse array of topics related to faith and society including the common good, religious pluralism, and justice.


We work with individuals, churches, and organizations to discern meaningful goals, define core values, and navigate our society today. 


We’ll connect you to a national network of potential partners accomplishing similar work in the world today


We offer our expertise to help you accomplish the change you are working towards today.

We’ve partnered with some of the leading religious non-profits, philanthropic institutions, universities, public scholars, and religious organizations in our nation
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"The Holy Spirit is at work today shaping diverse communities and is calling us into learning new patterns, new cultures, new ways of inhabiting space and land together, new ways of loving our neighbor."

Amar Peterman