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The latest news and events from Amar Peterman and Scholarship for Religion and Society

Augsburg University Announces Young Adult Authors

Augsburg University's Bernhard Christensen Center For Vocation

Approaching Cultural Divisions with Empathy

Princeton Seminary's The Quad.

Religious Pluralism Is Flourishing at the Grassroots Level

Aspen Institute's Religion and Society Program.

Enfleshing Witness 2022

Teachings from a diverse collection of voices you can trust to offer hope, challenge, and nourishment for your leadership and soul as you work to create vibrant faith communities.

Interfaith America: Why I Vote

In 2022, Interfaith America asked young people from diverse religious and non-religious traditions to share why they vote. This short video captures their responses.

Podcast Interview: Church and Main

Can Christians in the United States break out of the left-right binary?